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Super Mario Bros. platformers have been the subject of extensive game studies. From the early "Mario Melodies" to "The Measure of Mario" article series, Richard has specifically studied Mario design.

Talks given: A Crash Course in Game Design Innovation. How Kirby and Smash Bros. Taught me to Design Better Games. Foundations of Game Design. and many extemporaneous talks on the DO Twitch channel.

Richard created a short collection of videos called "Super Mario Fixer." In it he took user made courses from the original Super Mario Maker and applied Nintendo's design principles to "fix" the design while retaining as much of the original ideas as possible.

What can I earn?

Upon completion of the Mario Maker Workshop lessons you will have created a portfolio of Mario Maker courses along with the language to explain the lessons and principles exhibited in the design. You will also be a part of a small network of passionate game designers.



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